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Washington Senators (1969-71)

'70 Senators yearbook Twig was third-base coach under new manager Ted Williams, and Twig called the plays. Their '69 season was especially successful; many players had the best season of their careers and Twig calls it the most satisfying season in his own career.

Ted Williams was named Manager of the Year for 1969, beating out the Twins' Billy Martin. Knowing that Twig called the plays, Martin told a sports columnist, "I told Williams he should give the trophy to Terwilliger." (more)

Ted and Twig confer during a '69 gameOn road trips Ted and Twig took long walks together. "Wherever we went, the room would start buzzing when Ted walked in. Even if you didn't know who he was, you would still know that he was somebody special," Twig says. They stayed in touch until shortly before Ted's death in 2002.

Rangers 1972 Owner Bob Short announced in 1971 that he was moving the team to Texas. The final game at RFK stadium was forfeited with the Senators ahead of the Yankees and two outs in the top of the ninth inning when angry fans tore up the field.

When the franchise moved, Ted and Twig coached one more season together with the new Texas Rangers.

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