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Twig rejoins the Ft. Worth Cats for the 2009 baseball season, his 61st season in professional baseball.

He has been in uniform longer than any other living person. He was signed by the Chicago Cubs in 1948 and has been a player, coach, or manager every season except 1974, when he took the year off to manage his late father's bar.

On June 27, 2005, while managing the Cats, Twig made history when he turned 80 and joined Connie Mack as the only octagenarian managers in history. That same season, he

  • Managed the Cats to a league championship
  • Set a franchise record of 60 wins, 34 losses
  • Was named league manager of the year
  • Celebrated by getting his ear pierced
  • Announced his retirement from baseball
  • Signed back on as first-base coach
  • Worked on his autobiography, published in May 2006
  • ...and along the way, managed the league all-star team and was recognized with a second bobblehead