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Los Angeles Angels, Pacific Coast League, AAA

1949: .275 avg, 115 games, 432 at-bats

Manager: Bill Kelly. Teammates included Bill Schuster (left), Pat Seerey, Dom Dallesandro, Hank Wyse, Johnnie Ostrowski

milk promo Widely considered the best rookie in a league full of rookies, Twig was hailed in West Coast papers for "spectacular" fielding in spite of limited pro experience. He started the year with an 18-game hitting streak, and for a time, his average was .400+. The Cubs called him up Aug. 1.

Baseball Memory: Getting two hits off childhood hero Tommie Bridges, long-time Detroit Tiger pitching in '49 for Portland.

49 LA AngelsEsther Williams opening day 1949 LA Memories: Actress Esther Williams throwing out the first ball on opening day at LA's Wrigley Stadium (right), and Actor George Raft calling "Atta boy, kid," when Twig got a hit against the rival Hollywood Stars

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