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Visiting LaGrave Field

In late July we took in a four-game series between the Ft. Worth Cats and the Springfield-Ozark Mountain Ducks. The division-leading Cats took three of four with some outstanding base-running and defensive play. It was "Think Blue" week; a few fans even sprayed their hair. On the last night of the series, the Booster Club provided dinner for both the Cats and the departing Ducks. Staff, players and fans were great hosts; these Minnesotans enjoyed our visit despite the heat.

before the game
The field is just a few blocks north of downtown Ft. Worth, and the skyline is a nice backdrop.

Red, white, blue: Players' uniforms plus ushers' red shirts before game on a very hot night.
The Cat-
in-hat giveaway.
marty scott
The field is in great shape thanks to Cats President Marty Scott, who mows the infield twice a day.
running bases
Kids run bases after each game, a great way to keep 'em at the park!
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