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Hawaii Islanders (1967), Pacific Coast League, AAA

Addressing fans at a welcome party for the team, Twig said, "Who says you can't win 'em all?" He told the crowd he'd always considered that a negative statement and a cop-out. The team won five straight, and everybody was saying "Who says you can't win 'em all?" But they lost game 6, and quite a few more. Going back and forth through so many time zones kept players off balance (they traveled as far east as Indianapolis!).

Key players included pitcher Dick Bosman, who made good use of the sinker and the "slurve" and who as a Senator a few years later would lead the American League with a 2.19 ERA, and veteran outfielder "Toothpick" Willie Kirkland, whose big swing resulted in a lot of strikeouts but also a lot of home runs.

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